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7 Little Secrets Women Should Know about Men

Being secretive and moody is not only for women. Men too can have keep some secrets in their mind. So, here is a list of few of these secrets that every woman must know to bond better with her man.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Feb 20, 2015

Men have secrets too!

What do women really want? Do they want to be asked out? Or, do they want to give a little more time to the relationship? Why do they have mood swings? What made her angry today? All these questions can boggle a man’s mind. However, a woman leaving a man confused is like sand on the beach. But what can be surprising for the fairer sex is that men can be secretive and confusing too. There are some secrets inside a man’s mind that women wish were out in the open. Knowing these secrets can let you have a better understanding of your man. So, while your man tries to figure out the reason behind your abrupt switch of mood, you should also do some learning about his personality to have a better compatibility. Here is a list of secrets every woman must know about men.

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He likes cuddling

He would never say it and probably he does not like it as much as you do but men still do like cuddling. It would be tough for him to admit it because the world often sees cuddling as more of a feminine thing. However, the reality is that cuddling gives them an opportunity of connecting with their partner without any intentions of having an actual intercourse.

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He does not want to be the strong one all the time

Men are tough and they like it that way. Hitting the gym and indulging in extreme sports gives them the necessary adrenaline rush which makes them feel strong. Although they like taking charge of your security and well being, they at times need a little support from your side. Even though they are the stronger ones in the relationship, sometimes there can be moments when they crave for emotional support. So if you are in a relationship, giving his emotional needs a little attention will play an important role.

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He likes a lot of things about you that you don't even know

This is a big secret not many women know about men. From the way you tuck your hair to the way you clutch his hand while crossing the road, there is a high chance that all these activities drive him crazy about you and you are not even aware of it. Men adore women and the things they do, which includes being gentle and understanding.

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He likes your girly shows and movies. Sometimes.

He may have always ridiculed the idea of watching `the notebook’ on a lazy Sunday afternoon but sometimes he may like the aspects shown in such lovey-dovey movies. He will never admit it but secretly he too has shed a tear on watching Allie and Noah desperately in love.

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He fears Aunt-flo too

Although he does not have to go through the menstrual cramps, headaches and mood swings accompanied by your premenstrual syndrome, surely he has something to fear about.  It is clearly because he too has a set of terrible things to go through during those days of the month. It includes being forced into arguments which he is never going to win, being blamed for everything that goes wrong, getting to buy lots of chocolates and if he is with an extremely hormonal woman, he might have be her punching bag.

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He likes to be complimented too

Because men like to stay inside a shell which is rock hard, women are always under the impression that men don’t like to be complimented about their looks. But the truth is completely the opposite. Men like compliments as much as women do. If you tell him that he looks handsome, it would make his day and take his self-esteem to new heights.

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He does a lot of things to impress you

If you thought bringing expensive gifts, giving beautiful flowers or imported chocolate is all that he can do to impress you, here is a revelation: almost everything he does is to impress you. It may appear to you that he behaves naturally but deep down there are chances that he is behaving in a certain way only to grab your attention so that he gets your approval.

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