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7 Reasons why you must get up from that couch right now

You may often have heard disturbing things and dangers of sitting too much. Couch poses many health risks and dangers apart from contributing to obesity and seated immobility syndrome.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Feb 11, 2015

Hazards of the Couch

You may often have heard disturbing things and dangers of sitting too often and too long. If the couch is your favourite place and you spend most of your time there, you should be worried. Being on the couch  poses many dangers and health risks apart from contributing to obesity and seated immobility syndrome.

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Eye Problems

Formaldehyde, a high volume chemical, is commonly found in couches. The adhesive that holds composite woods together is linked to burning sensation in the eyes as well as nausea and breathing problems.

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Lung Problems

Your couch could be housing a number of hazardous chemicals that can affect your breathing. Polyurethane foam is very often used as padding for many couches. This substance releases chemicals such as isocyanates which are linked to irritation in the lungs and asthma.

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Seated Immobility Syndrome

If you are often immobile all day and sit still without taking a break for hours, you can get seated immobility syndrome. It is a syndrome with troublesome and serious health complications such as deep vein thrombosis (DVT), peripheral arterial disease (PAD), metabolic syndrome, spike in blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, fatigue and joint discomfort.

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Cardiovascular Problems

Do you just love to lounge on that couch of your's and sit there for hours? When you remain inactive for hours, you have higher risk of developing high blood pressure, stroke and other cardiovascular problems. Sitting for too long is as bad as smoking; kick the habit now.

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Hormone Imbalance and Impaired Learning

Studies have found a number of hazardous flame-retardant chemicals in couches. What makes these chemicals dangerous is hard to trace. The flame-retardant chemicals present in the couches have been linked to disrupted hormone cycles and impaired learning abilities.

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Poor Blood Circulation

Sitting inactive for hours can interfere or disrupt normal circulatory balance of blood. The circulatory system slows or stops when you are inactive for extended periods of time. When blood is not circulating like it is supposed to, there can be many serious health complications.

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Make Staying Active a Habit

Active lifestyle not only makes an enormous difference to our health and wellness, but also protects one from unwanted health issues. Being active is good for you in so many ways, so get off that couch for good!

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