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7 Genuine ways to Use Fruit and Vegetable Peels

Nearly all fruit and vegetable skins can be added to the compost pile but, before you do that, you can use them for a second round. Here are some creative ways to use your peels before finally discarding them.

Home Remedies By Ariba Khaliq / Sep 22, 2014

Don’t Throw That Away

The peels of fruits and vegetables are full of flavour and vitamins and there is enough matter in them for another go-round. A lot of your peels like that of citrus fruits, potatoes and avocados have a second life and can be put to organic use. Here are some ways to use fruit and vegetable peels to become frugal, free-up some space in the cabinets, and save more money.

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Making Jelly

If you like your apples unpeeled, you could use the rind to make jelly. It will take an hour of your time but at last the delicious homemade apple jelly will be worth it. And all you need is the apple peels, lemon zest, water and sugar. Your kids will love it, and so will your environment because you are helping decrease some trash off its face.

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Seedling Pots

Melon, grapefruit, and avocado shells are the perfect pots for growing your seeds. After you scoop the pulp out of your favourite citrus fruits or avocados, use their shells to make your own biodegradable seedling pots. Put mud and seeds in the shells and hang them to let your seedlings to start sprouting in spring. Once the seeds begin to grow, you can plant the entire pot in the ground and save yourself a little time.

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Treating Diarrhoea

Imagine treating diarrhoea with the help of fruit peels. Boil pomegranate skin in water, add a cinnamon stick and then allow it to cool. Drink the mixture once it has cooled and it will help to cure diarrhoea. You can make this in advance if you want and stick it in the fridge.

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Soothing Cracked Heels

Papaya skins are rich in vitamin A and papain which can help remove dead skin from your soles and make them feel refreshed. Just rub the pulpy side of the papaya skin on your feet soles for cleaner, softer cracked heels.

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Revitalising Your Skin

Vitamin A and potassium present in the skin of peaches are great for your skin. So, next time you treat your taste buds with the fleshy fruit, don’t forget to pamper your skin. Add a little white sugar to the inside of the peach's skin and then use it as a gentle scrub on your face. Your skin will feel hydrated and revitalised.

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Relieving Tired Eyes

Puffy or tired eyes are a daily beauty hang-up and nothing seems to work on them. But, potato peels can! You just have to gently press the inside of the peel onto your eyes and let it stay for about 10 to 15 minutes. The vitamins in potatoes are great for relieving slight inflammation and there is no need to rinse afterward.

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Keeping Brown Sugar from Solidifying

Lemon zest is great for keeping brown sugar from turning hard. You can just throw a piece of the peel in with brown sugar, making sure that you completely remove the pith and pulp. It will help to keep the brown sugar moist and soft for months in the cabinet.

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