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7 Fun Ways to Burn off 500 Calories

You don't have to train your body at a fitness centre every day to burn calories and stay fit. There are many other fun ways to burn calories and keep your body toned. Take a look at the sneaky ways to burn off calories.

Weight Management By Himanshu Sharma / Jan 09, 2015

Sneaky Ways to burn Calories

You don't have to train your body at a fitness centre every day to burn calories and stay fit. There are many other fun ways to burn calories and keep your body toned. Don‘t lose heart when you miss your daily work out, because you can still burn calories. Even if you didn’t miss your workout, wouldn’t you want to still burn more calories?


Gum Popping

Chewing gum is a no-sweat way to burn calories. Even if you don’t like chomping much, you will consider making it a part of your life after taking into account the benefits it has. It would be smart to keep chewing the gum as it will help burn calories, refresh your breath, keep away cigarette cravings and give your memory a boost.


Laugh Out Loud

Did you know laughing intensely for an hour burns as many calories as a 30-minute weight lifting session does? Yes, a good laugh is an excellent calorie-burner! Consider exercising your sense of humour as it will give you an edge to burn calories. Studies claim that 10-15 minutes of laughter can help you to burn close to 100 calories.



A 10-minute cycling session is one of the best ways to exercise your muscles, build stamina, lose weight and burn calories at the same time. Put your shoes on and cycle round the block. You’ll feel energized after just 10 minutes of exposure to fresh air.



Everyone enjoys dancing. Whenever you feel like burning off some calories, do the dance for 5 minutes. Dance is a full-body workout which also builds cardiovascular fitness. You can also turn to dance to instantly lighten the mood and burn calories at the same time.


Climbing Stairs

Climb those stairs, and forget the lift and escalators. Give those leg muscles some exercise. Every step counts! Climbing stairs for around 15 minutes every day can burn 100 calories. Besides, the activity tones up your bottom and legs. Use stairs as often as possible and you will see your calories decrease.


Ping Pong

A high-speed game of table tennis has many benefits to offer. Ping-Pong for 10 minutes can burn around 100 calories. The leisure-time hobby provides a boost to your weight-loss efforts and exercises the mind at the same time. The game is also well above other common recreational games such as billiards or bowling in terms of aerobic exercise.



Working out is gruelling but the activities that have a fun element to them aren’t so. Round up some friends for Frisbee. The pickup game will make your heart pump faster, giving you a moderate-intensity activity. If you want some fun and burn calories at the same time, catch the frisbee.



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