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7 French diet tricks with magical effects

French people are as beautiful as the place they live in. French women are the most gorgeous and their great health reflects in their healthy skin. Ever wondered, how they manage to stay that beautiful. Researches reveal that diet is one of the key f

Exercise & Fitness By Namrata Dutta / Apr 05, 2016

They enjoy their meal

French people enjoy their meals. They give undivided attention to their food while eating. Neither they eat in a rush, nor do they eat sluggishly. They eat with interest.

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They chew food properly

French people have this habit of chewing their food well. The idea is the savor all the flavors and taste of the food and in the process they enjoy their meal more.

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Full concentration on food

When they eat, their entire concentration is on their food. They don’t watch television or indulge in any activity that distracts their attention away from food while eating.

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Physical activities

Physical activities like workout sessions and exercising always boost appetite. French people have a very active lifestyle.

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No tin food

French people avoid processed and frozen food. They try to get their hands on whatever that is freshly out of farm. Everything that is natural and will contribute to a healthy diet will be on French people’s platter.

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A fruit diet

French people keep themselves hydrated to curb their appetite along with that water helps them to stay refreshed. One of the biggest secrets to the French diet is water itself.

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Drinking plenty of water

French people eat fruits. They maintain a healthy diet of fresh fruits dishes and desserts. The major benefit of having fruit is that they don’t right away fill you up but compensate the need of anti-oxidants, vitamins, fiber, proteins and so on.

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