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7 First Date Tips for Guys to Charm your Date

If you are going on a date with a girl you really like and you want to leave an impression on the very first date, here are some helpful tips.

Dating By Vasudha BhatMar 02, 2015

Leave a Lasting Impression!

Your first impression may not be the last impression but, sure it is a lasting impression. And, your first date is always about making that perfect first impression. The first date is a convenient way of finding out if you are special or just another guy to her. Following are a few tips that will help you leave animpressive mark on her on the very first date.

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You are with a girl who you really like and she is someone you would really want to be with. However, this does not imply that you have to make it obvious. You need to relax and remember that she is here to impress you as much as you are to impress her.

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Be a good talker. A girl would never appreciate a guy who does not converse well. If you think you cannot pull it off well when it comes to talking, have a few pointers in your mind. When you are finally comfortable during the date, it would become easier to communicate with each other.

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Choose the Right Place

Usually, it is the guy’s job to pick a place for the date. So, be wise and choose a place which has aromantic ambience. It should be a place where despite the presence of other people, you two will have enough space of your own.

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Be on Time

Punctuality plays a critical role in your first date. Don’t be late. If you are not picking her up, make sure you reach the venue before her. When she finds you already there at the venue, she will be feeling good about the date and its future prospects.

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Plan an Eventful Date

Instead of going to one place and spending the entire evening there, make your date eventful. Also, let her know of all your plans. Tell her all about it so that she can be prepared for the occasion.

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Make her Feel Special

You should not wait for more dates to make her feel like a princess. Start taking care of her from the very beginning. Make her feel that she can depend on you for anything when you are around her.

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Dress up

Girls usually take hours to get ready for a date to look good and to impress the guy. So, it is important that you return the favour. Be clean and crisp so that the girl sees your effort to appear nicer to her.

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