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7 Everyday things that are harming your liver

A healthy liver is critical for the human body to function properly. There are many common habits that are a part of our routine and can keep the liver from functioning efficiently.

Mind Body By Himanshu Sharma / Jul 04, 2015

Things that harm liver

The liver is responsible for over 500 different functions of the body, including digestion, metabolism and flushing out of toxins. Sometimes, we don’t even realise that our routine habits are increasing the risk for liver damage and continue until the symptoms show up.


Too much sugar can harm your liver. This may seem absurd because the organ itself utilises fructose (a type of sugar) to create fat. Nevertheless, if you consume sugar in excess, it can cause a fatty build-up that can lead to liver disease.

Soft drinks

Soft drinks are tied to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Both calorie-free and regular soda can inflict damage to the liver. There’s no considerable evidence on why it happens, but experts believe that artificial sweeteners are to be blamed for the condition.


It is well-known that excessive salt intake causes heart attacks, strokes and kidney diseases as it affects blood pressure levels. It can also cause fatty liver disease by building up fluid in the liver and making the organ swell up.

Trans fats

A diet high in trans fats not only increases the likelihood for obesity, it also puts you at risk for severe liver disease with scar tissue. Limit consumption of packaged foods and baked goods such as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Prescription drugs

There are certain prescription drugs that are known to cause liver damage such as antidepressants, mood stabilizers, corticosteroids and pain relievers.

Nutritional supplements

Overdose of vitamin A supplements is a well-known reason for liver toxicity. Likewise, other nutritional supplements can increase production of liver enzymes that can lead to liver damage.


If you are getting inked, make sure you do it in a licensed, clean shop. If the tattooing equipment is not sterilised after every use, there is quite a high chance of you getting serious infection like hepatitis C (a disease affecting primarily the liver).



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