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7 Easy Ways to Boost Your Eyesight

Eyes are the windows to our soul and we should take good care of them. Extensive use of electronic gadgets can hamper our vision. Fortunately, there are some DIY ways to boost our eyesight. Resort to the following.

Eye Disorders By Ariba Khaliq / Dec 29, 2014

Open Your Eyes

Eyes are a very delicate yet much needed part of the body. It is very easy to destroy or compromise your eyesight by simply being careless about eye strain and healthy eye habits. With the availibility of computers, tablets and mobile phones, we are constantly staring at screens and forgetting the damage it does to our eyes. When we can’t see clearly, we grasp at what we can. While we can’t correct vision without the help of lenses or surgery, there are some fundamental ways you can improve your eyesight and eye health on your own.

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Relax Your Eyes

From the time you wake up until you sleep, your eyes are constantly working. Relax them at intervals. Rub your palm together briskly to ignite warmth in your hands. Cup your palms over your eyes and let them relax. Do not let light in. Do this whenever you have time during the day, especially when you're sitting at the computer. Repeat this exercise through the day especially if you are constantly working on a computer. Use alternating hot and cold compresses on your eyes daily to help relax them.

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Keep Them Hydrated

It is important for your eyes to be moist. Dry eyes can be itchy, red and painful. So from time to time, give your eyes a break and blink to main moisture in your eyes. Try to blink frequently, even when you are focused on watching TV or working on your computer. The average human body is made up of about 60% water, sometimes more. If your eyes are often dry, tired and blurry, try increasing your water intake. In addition, drinking plenty of water is important for your whole body. You could also ask your doctor to prescribe tear drops to you that can help in keeping your eyes moist.

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Exercise Them

If you think about the way your muscles work, then you probably understand that the less exercise they get, the worse off you are. The same thing goes for your eyes. There are specific exercises you can do, that may be able to help you see better. Do the 20/20/20 exercise as often as you can. Every twenty minutes focus on an object for twenty seconds which is twenty feet away from the eyes. This exercise will help your eyes feel better. Another great exercise for your eyes is to put your thumb five inches away from your face and focus on them, after five seconds focus on something behind them. Do this for about ten times and whenever you have time.

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Increase Flexibility

If you have ever undertaken an exercise program or played a sport, then you know that flexibility is important. If you don't stretch, or if you use the same muscles over and over again without moving opposite muscle groups, you lose flexibility. If you have a job that requires you to spend long hours looking at a screen, be sure you focus on different objects periodically; try not to keep your eyes in the same position for too long. Don’t let your eyes stay positioned at one place. Roll your eyeballs about five times at several intervals to increase the flexibility of your eyes and maintain good eyesight.

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Decrease Screen Brightness

If you are working for hours together at the computer, keep the screen brightness ​minimal​. This will help your eyes relax and prevent them from getting strained. But, don't lower it so much that you have trouble seeing, and avoid positioning your monitor so there are reflections. Also, take frequent breaks if your eyes must focus on a task for long periods of time. Taking a ten minute break every hour can help prevent eye strain and give your eyes a chance to heal themselves.

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UV Rays are Harmful

Wear a good pair of sunglasses, especially ones that provide UV protection. This actually helps improve your vision. Apart from this, reduce stress to your eyes. Every one of the body's systems reacts to stress differently. The eyes are put under constant strain and stress - the more TV you watch, the more you stare at a computer screen, and the more you play games on your smartphone, the more stress you put on your eyes. Make an effort to use natural light (not glaring sunlight), and take time away from your gadgets. You might be surprised to find that you see and feel better as a result.

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Sleep Enough

You might have noticed that when you go for long periods of time without adequate sleep, you feel tired and head-achy. You also may have noticed that your vision seems blurry and that it almost hurts to keep your eyes open. Sleep is important for all your bodily functions, and getting adequate rest can assist in eyesight improvement since sleep allows overworked eye muscles to relax completely.

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