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7 Easy Hairstyle Changes to Improve Your Looks

That seasonal craving for changing your look can be well satiated by just a simple trick- styling your hair differently. For a big impact on your appearance, try these effortless and quick ways to style your hair.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba KhaliqNov 11, 2014

Reinventing Your Look

Blame it on the turn of a calendar year or a change in season, but every once in a while all of us crave for a dramatic change. This change is especially urged when it comes to physical appearance. You will not have to lose 20 pounds, dye your hair gold, or spend your entire credit limit at the mall to reinvent your image. You can do it just by styling your hair differently. Here are some effortless, quick and inexpensive ways to change your hairstyle that can add up to a big impact.

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Sway Your Way

Switching your part is the easiest and quickest way to change your look. If you always part your hair to the left, wear a middle part for a more dramatic look. This simple change can transform your look completely and bring out the features of your face that may have gone unnoticed until now. A middle part gives a fresh, girl-next-door look while a side part will provide a more high-fashion facade. Keep switching your parts.


Tuck ‘em Up

It is difficult for most of us to just chop our tresses off, no matter how bad we want it. If you’re one on the list, you could easily don the look while not doing it actually. Let your hair dry naturally so that they have a little wave or curl the strands with an iron to create an obvious, blunt cut look. Then just tuck the sections of hair under, and secure them at the nape of your neck with a bobby pin. Pin them a little loosely to create the illusion of a shorter haircut.


Un-banging Them

A great set of bangs can drastically transform your look, true. But, don’t just get stuck with them. Switch up your look by pinning your bangs so that your face opens up. You could also just casually swipe them to the side to create a softer look. To pin your bangs back, spray them with a medium-holding styling spray and blow dry them as usual. Separate the hair down the middle so that your bangs are at equal length. Tuck each section of bangs underneath your hair and secure with a bobby pin.


Embrace the Texture

If you’re a repeat offender of over-using your flat-iron, switch things up a bit by embracing your natural texture. And if you usually wear your hair at their natural texture which is a bit wavy, you could occasionally flatten them or go for softer curls.


Tuck Them behind the Ears

Again one of the simplest and quickest ways to transform your look is to tuck your hair behind your ears. Run a styling product through the hair before tucking them behind ears. Finish the look with a spritz of medium hold hair spray to keep hair secured at their place.


Sweep Your Style Up

If you always wear your hair down, you could find a fresh look instantly by sweeping them back in a pony tail. Pulling your hair up your face completely change your look. Just avoid a parted pony by pulling hair directly back. This exposes your face completely.


Flirt with the Volume

Take hair from flat to fabulous by giving your roots a little boost before you style them. Tease your hair around the crown before styling and give your look a total transformation.


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