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7 Dumb Things You do with Your Smartphone

Smartphones are called so for a reason. There are people owning them who might not be as smart as their gadgets and end up doing some really stupid things with their smartphones. Are you one of them?

Mind Body By Ariba Khaliq / Jan 08, 2015

Are You Smart Enough to be Using a Smartphone?

Smartphones are getting smarter all the time. The devices at our disposal today can snap photos faster than you can blink, surf the Web at speeds that make your home broadband jealous and download apps that can do everything and anything. So when it comes to using these powerful pocket-size computers, why do WE get so dumb? If you do any of the following things with your smartphone on a regular basis, well, you probably don’t deserve to own one.

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You're Over-reliant on Your Smartphone

You probably rely too much on turn-by-turn GPS and never learn how to get anywhere by yourself. You also can't recall even a few of your contacts' phone numbers. This may be fine until your phone's dead and it's an emergency. While we aren’t asking you to remeber every little bit of data that crosses your path, but you can benefit a lot by storing certain things directly in your brain. Smartphones are a supplement for your grey matter and not a replacement for it.

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Take and Share Pictures of Food Obsessively

“Hey, look at this chocolate cream pie I made!” “And these kung pao chicken tacos! And don’t forget my blueberry limoncello cooler!” We understand your love for food, and believe us, we love it as much as you do but we just don’t get this obsession with taking photos of eats and sharing them with Facebook and Instagram friends. The only time we want to stare at pictures of food is right before we order it off of a menu.

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Settling Arguments via Texts

We don’t know the exact time, but at some point humans thought it was a good idea to text a loved one or friend with their anger or disappointment instead of actually talking to them. Sending a text might be easier, but you lose two very critical ingredients: context and tone. (No, emoticons don’t count as tone.) We’ve seen way too many apparently innocent expressions degenerate into digital shouting matches over a texting misunderstanding. Hey, you could always Skype video call to apologize so they know you mean it.

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The Selfie Attack

We sometimes wish that front-facing cameras on smartphones were never invented. That’s because way too many people feel the need to take self-portraits (mostly making the duck-face) and share them with the world. “Look at me out with my friends drinking — again)!” You know the type. For these people, the smartphone should be smart enough to cap how many selfies they take. And while we’re on the subject, please avoid taking selfies with your duck face on. Even as an ironic gesture, it’s over.

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Taking Calls or Continuously Checking Phone in Elevator

It only takes 20, or maybe as many as 40, seconds that typically spend on an elevator ride, even if there’s a few stops along the way. And yet, as a society, we’ve become so antipathetic to eye contact and real human interaction that we’d rather stare at the same inbox or Facebook news feed. Worse, some of us make the horrible decision to continue a call as we get on the elevator, making the obligatory announcement that “I may lose you; I’m getting on an elevator.” A better idea? Wait!

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Texting while Driving

Texting while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk. You've no doubt heard that before, and you probably still send text messages from your car—or at least check out that last notification—while it's rolling down the road. Chances are you know this is bad, but the desire to send that text overrides your better judgment in the moment. While you'd most likely be better off not using your smartphone at all, it is possible to drive safely while using your phone—at least in small ways. The key is to keep your eyes—and your focus—on the road.

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Shooting Videos in Portrait Mode

And last but surely not the least, we literally flinch every time we see someone shoot a smartphone video vertically instead of horizontally. “Don’t you know that your video is going to look cut off?” we want to say to them. A lot of folks just don’t know any better, but there’s hope. A hilarious PSA video started circulating last summer from Laughing Squid that clearly illustrates the problem using puppets. Even if you know how to shoot video the right way, you need to watch this clip.

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