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7 Common Relationship Wreckers

The honeymoon phase is over. Your relationship is now dealing with the hard realities of life. In such a scenario you don’t want wreckers to damage and destroy your innocent relationship.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 19, 2015

The Honeymoon is Over!

When we get into a relationship, we are in the most comfortable phase of our lives. However, as time passes by the same behaviour and actions which our partner appreciated in the beginning, turn into a nightmarish experience for them. The way you communicate, for example, can have damaging effects on your relationship when you reach its later phases. Here we list down some similar and common wreckers that can turn your hunky dory relationship into an `I can’t stand you’ one.

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Passive Aggressiveness

If any one of the partners is passive aggressive, the relationship pays the price. When someone is passive aggressive, they fail to communicate how they feel to their partner, let alone their true feelings. When you behave aggressively, it starts sending mixed signals to your partner because your words and actions walk in opposite directions.

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The Word Battle

Be cautious with your words, especially when you are in an argument with your partner. Choice of wrong words can hurt the relationship and can actually destroy it. Be careful about what comes out from your mouth because once said, it can never be taken back.

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Loss of Trust

It is usually believed that trust issues in a relationship are only associated with infidelity. However, trusting each other in a relationship means much more than that. You must be able to trust your partner with their commitments and promises also.

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Threats to Leave

A successful relationship always has a stable and secure partnership. To be able to confidently say that your partner will not leave you is important. But, when your partner keeps threatening to leave you every time there is a fight, it can get a little difficult to trust them.

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Have your Own Identity

Being independent is important. It is very common in a relationship for both the partners to mold into one and lose their individuality. But that should not happen. Do not let your partner complete you because it helps you maintain a good sense of self.

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Avoiding Confrontation

This is one the most common complaints women have about their man. Silence isn’t always the best answer. There are people who are scared of confrontation thus, they choose to avoid it. Speaking up and communicating is the healthiest way for any relationship.

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Once we are out of the initial phase of a relationship, we tend to stop showing how we feel about our partner. No more sweet text messages and no more lovey-dovey notes here-and-there. You must never stop making efforts to make your relationship beautiful.

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