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7 Charming Ways to be More Approachable to Guys

If you have been trying to understand why you haven’t received enough attention from men as much as you would have liked, your answer is here. Following are some tricks which will help you appear approachable to men and get you the desired attention.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Mar 12, 2015

Myth Buster

Contrary to common belief among the female population that women have to work really hard to have a guy hitting on her, the reality is that if a woman understands a man’s mind completely, she can have him entering into a conversation with her within few minutes of stepping into a place. Here is how you can do it like a pro.

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Look Good

Your appearance does all the magic. When a guy enters a place, his mind quickly scans and decides which girl to approach and the decision is purely based on good looks. When you dress up and look good, it will only make the job easier.

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Don’t Look Busy

Don’t fiddle around with your phone or with something else. You may want to keep yourself busy while waiting for someone to hit on you but when you appear to be too busy for a conversation with him, he might skip the idea of approaching you.

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Make Eye Contact

Make eye contact every now-and-then. Glance at him occasionally but make sure you know how to balance it because if you keep staring at him, you may appear too easy and carefree.

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Try to be Alone

Men find it risky to approach a girl who is with a group of friends or surrounded by many people. If you wish to make a guy hit on you, try to stay alone or only with one other girl friend.

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Be at the Right Place

Every place you visit may not be the perfect set up for a casual conversation. If you want to have a casual conversation go to places like shops, clubs or even book stores where men find it easier to talk to a female.

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Give him the Chance

Even if you are in a group and you find him making eye contact with you several times, give him the chance to talk by walking away from the group for a few minutes to look for something to eat or to order a drink.

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Wear a Smile

Always wear a smile because you don’t want to appear unfriendly and rude. When you look affectionate and warm, it will get easier for men to shoo away fear of you turning them down.

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