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7 Characteristics of a Great Workplace

A great workplace is that which is always way ahead in innovation and creativity. A place which does not hold back its employees, but guides them and inspires them for better work.

Office Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury / Sep 01, 2014

The Great Workplace

We have all worked at various offices, in different companies that lay down different types of rules and regulations for its employees. Workplace ethics are evolving in the modern world, and things are not the same any longer. Today cabins are gone, and seniors and juniors mingle like never before. It is this change in work culture which is producing dynamic new individuals who are working towards the greater glory. But all in all, a great workplace must always have certain characteristics that will make it stand away from the rest; a great workplace always needs to be exceptional.
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Employee Suggestions

Unless of course you are working for the 3rd Reich, it is very important that employees are permitted to voice their concern. A great workplace is that which has dialogue and does not shy away from listening to its employees. A bad workplace is that where employees are ordered to do work without taking any feedback from them.
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Good Work gets noticed

A great workplace is that where a good work gets noticed and it is commended. A bad workplace would be one where good work is never noticed and the management does not care even to say a few words. This goes a long way, and it usually inspires the employees to continue their work with great enthusiasm and sincerity.
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A Fair Environment

A great characteristic of a great workplace is that there is complete fairness. A workplace which is full of bias is a place that will break the will of workers. It is very heartbreaking to have someone placed at the pinnacle while others are way below, even when they are all doing the same work. Without fairness, no workplace can be good.
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Clear Purpose

A company that changes its game plan every week is no company at all. It is very important for a good company to have its purpose defined right at the very start, and to work in that direction. A great workplace is such where everyone knows where they are heading to, and what they are out to accomplish. It is very important for successful business.
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Ready to Innovate

Any successful business is ready to innovate and that is a very important characteristic of a great workplace. Without innovation things may be at a standstill, and therefore innovation will take you a step ahead in a competitive market. Employees should be allowed to think and to come up with great new ideas, and that will make a good workplace!
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Access to all Resources

Those working in the best companies are always getting easy access to the resources which they need in order to complete their work on time. It is very important that an organisation allows its employees to get all the help which they require in completing their projects. This will in turn help the organisation itself.
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Setting Better Rules

The rules of a great workplace are ideally set so as to meet certain standards. These standards are to maximize the potential of the employees and basically they would reflect the core values of the workplace. Companies that jump on the throat of employees uselessly and make it a very authoritarian rule are the ones that do not excel.
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