7 Big Mistakes that Make Pain Worse

Mar 02, 2015

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    Are You Making Your Pain Worse?

    Pain can come in many forms; you may experience burning, sharp or dull and even phantom sensations that can be referred to as pain. Dealing with pain and aches is a challenge. It becomes even more challenging when we don’t realise the mistakes that we are making. Here is how you are making pain worse.


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    Not Seeking Medical Advice

    One of the most common reasons for chronic pains and aches is ignorance. Many pain sufferers waitfor months before seeing a doctor, thinking it’ll pass on its own.Instead of self-treating with OTC painkillers, you must see a doctor for pain/ache that persists for more than 4 days.


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    Concerned about Drugs’ Side-effects

    You are afraid after having read the stories about unintentional side-effects from pain meds. So, you avoid them all together. Medications can help you get active soon when you are less pain. And, don’t worry about the side-effects when you take the drug only as prescribed.


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    Not Considering Alternative Therapies

    When you are afraid of the meds or are experiencing side-effects, you have the option of tryingalternative treatments for pain relief. Acupuncture has been credited for being an effectivenatural treatment for osteoarthritis pain, sciatica and lower-back problems.Herbal therapies and yogahave also helped millions of pain sufferers.


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    Taking all the Advice that Comes your Way

    You’ve seen more than one healthcare personnel and also welcome any other medical advice that comes your way. Doctor hopping and going with your friend’s advice can put your health in jeopardy. It delays treatment and makes pain worse.


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    Afraid to Exercise

    Exercise has the healing power to reduce any kind of pain. A few exercises can help strengthen your muscles and oil your joints. Besides, physical activity releases natural pain-relieving endorphins, which fight inflammation. Start slow and get moving.


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    Considering Surgery too Soon

    Surgery is one of the fool-proof solutions to most medical conditions, but not in the case of pain. It is better to go for pain medications, physical therapy, or exercise first to get rid of pain/aches. Surgery should be your last resort as it can further complicate things.


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    Not Realising the Role of Stress

    One of the most overlooked reasons behind back pain is stress, anxiety and depression. Studies have found that mental state is intricately tied to how we process — and deal with — pain. Since our emotions have a profound influence on how we perceive pain, try to keep away that stress for good.