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Moments when having Sex is a Must

Although having sex needs no specific time, there are certain times in a day when your sex drive is the highest and you can easily have the big O. Here are some of those moments so that you never miss a chance.

Snr By Vasudha Bhat / Sep 26, 2014

Sex sometimes, Needs a Reason Too

Not many people need a reason to have sex. But, there can be chances that some moments turn out to be better than others for having sex. In such times having sex can be a total game-changer. Here is a list of the best times to have some action.

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Before a Big Presentation

A big presentation at workplace can make you nervous and stress can take over your mind. Here is when having sex can come to your rescue. Research has shown that having sex can calm down the nerves, lower the blood pressure and reduce stress. A study has also shown that people who had sex before public speaking experiment were the least stressed.

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Right after Waking Up

Morning sex is the best sex. According to sex expert Jessica O'Reilly, PhD. "not only are testosterone and energy levels higher in the morning, but the increase in oxytocin levels keeps you and your partner bonded throughout the day while the endorphins boost your mood".

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When Weather Attacks your Immune System

Several studies have shown that sex can boost the immune system. This does not mean that you have to jump on your partner when they are down with fever. But, you can prepare your body for the upcoming flu season by having sex regularly.

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Day 14 of the Cycle

A new study has found that two weeks into the menstrual cycle, the clitoris grows up to 20 per cent bigger and get filled with fluid making it easier to have an orgasm. This is the time when ovulation starts hence, it may be requiring some action on this day.

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After a Workout

A study from the University of Texas at Austin made comparison between women’s reaction to erotic material after a 20-minute bike ride. It was found that the flow of blood to their genital region was 169 per cent higher after a workout. More testosterone are pumped in the body after a workout so, the desire to have sex will be more then.

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After having a Bad Day

Your day might have been highly stressful at office and having sex may not be on your mind at all. But, you might stand wrong here. O’Reilly says that "studies show that sex and other forms of physical affection—even holding hands—significantly improve your mood and lower stress levels for days to come".

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When you did something Scary

The best time to have sex can be after having an exhilarating experience. It can be after a roller coaster ride or after watching a scary movie. O’Reilly says “when your adrenaline is pumping, your body is already in a state of arousal and your sexual response is often heightened”.

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