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7 Best health gadgets

Get more control of your fitness and health with the latest revolutionary gadgets. You will be so much able to track your daily health routine and improve your fitness the way you have always wanted.

Miscellaneous By Meenakshi ChaudharyJan 13, 2015

Health Gadgets

This is the decade of wearables and smart health gadgets. You have got fitness bands, sensors, applications, dedicated cloud access for easy access to your health related information and of course several services and accounts to offer you 24/7 health monitoring. Here are some of the best health gadgets that you must know about to move to the next step of health consciousness, the digital fitness and health monitoring. Image courtesy:

Fitbit Flex

It’s been a very popular health gadget since the last five years. It easily tracks down your steps, distance, calories and time. You don’t have to put it device on sleeping mode since it tracks your sleeping patterns too. The data is automatically synced with your phone via Bluetooth. It’s water resistant too thus you can wear it while swimming or taking shower. If you are someone who likes to know about the health stats, then getting Fitbit flex would be a good choice. Image courtesy:

Oral B Tooth Brush

Oral B’s electronic tooth brush is an amazing gadget that can be connected with a web and synced with an app. It gives you real time information about how well you are brushing your teeth. It will help you know if you are missing a key spot from brushing. Parents can also use it to monitor how well their kids are brushing and how they might improve.

Brain-sensing Headband

The brain sensing headband works well with a series of exercises which makes you feel better within a few minutes. The head band can be synced with an app to help it focus on your breathing, allowing you to unwind from any place.  Image Courtesy:

Lumo Back

Everyone knows how important good posture is as it helps keep you away from several back problems down the line. Lumo back is one such gadget that helps you practice a good posture. It is an electronic belt which is worn around the waist to monitor posture. It vibrates when you slouch so that you can straighten the back. The data about the posture is sent to an app where you get a representation of recorded posture throughout the day by an animated character. It helps you maintain an upright stance by providing you a clear picture of your posture habits. Image courtesy:


Hapifork is another very popular health gadget. It is an electronic utensil which counts the number of times you have put fork in your mouth. It vibrates when it recognizes that you are eating too fast so that you can calm down the pace. The concept behind the gadget is very simple and can be easily understood. Image Courtesy:

O-SynceScreeneye X Visor

If you don’t like the idea of using a wrist band for tracking fitness data, you can opt for O-SynceScreeneye X Visor. It’s a cap with built-in fitness sensors which measure the heart rate, distance, lap times, calorie consumption and speed. You can check the numbers on the display of the osynce screen eye X Visor and it does not block your eye sight. It has a film inside the visor which illuminates the lightweight display. And once you are done running, you can download the data to your Pc via USB.


Your Smartphone

Well, you do not even need a dedicated fitness accessory if your smartphone has the fitness sensors and monitoring apps. You can monitor the number of steps you walked, the amount of calories you burnt, the calories you are taking in with every food item and your heart rate and other crucial metrices. Just get the health apps on your compatible smartphone and be en route a healthy journey.image Courtesy:

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