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7 Benefits of an Early Dinner

We need timely meals as our body is influenced by our daily rhythms of eating and sleeping. Here’s why an early dinner is good for you.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Feb 17, 2015

Why Early Dinner is good for You

If you think any time is a good time to eat anything you like, you are wrong. We need timely meals as our body is influenced by our daily rhythms of eating and sleeping. Studies have found link between alterations in the rhythms of eating/sleeping and overall health. Here’s why an early dinner is good for you.

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Better Sleep

Late-night meals and snacking can interfere with your sleep. These behaviours can cause indigestion which can rob you of deep sleep and REM sleep. If lately you have stared to have sleeping troubles, try to make dinnertime earlier in the evening and avoid heavy foods within two hours of bed.

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Digestive Health

If you often struggle with heartburn, acidity and gas, it could be because of not having a prescribed time for dinner. When you sleep soon after dinner, your body doesn’t get enough time to digest food. The digestive system gets slow as a result, causing you to experience gut troubles as a consequence.

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Weight Management

When you eat dinner late at night, you are likely to gain weight. The later you eat your last meal of the day, the more of it gets stored as fat and thus, you run a risk of putting on weight. Moreover, you also have the time to take a walk and burn the excess calories that you consumed.

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Heart Health

Eating dinner on time and hitting the sack early has a link with heart health. Here is another reason to eat dinner early – lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Waiting to eat dinner increases the tendency to eat more and when those calories aren’t burnt off, they are turned into triglycerides which increase one’s risk of heart attack and stroke.(Image source:Getty)

Headstart the Next Day

When you eat late and stay up late till night, you are likely to miss breakfast the next day. When you don’t eat meals on time and wait all day for dinner, your body responds by storing insulin and ups the risk for body fat storage. On the other hand, early dinner gives you a headstart the next time and provides plenty of time for breakfast.

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Better Energy

When you are eating dinner on time and not missing out on the next day's breakfast, your energy levels will remain high and intact. When you postpone the meals, it can zap your energy. Besides, it leaves you reeling with low blood sugar and fatigue.

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You Make Time for Exercise

When you have an early dinner and go to bed soon, it gives you a chance to wake up early and exercise. And we all are aware of the value of exercise and its contribution to a healthy body.

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