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7 Awesome Exit Strategies to Ditch an Awful Date

Bad dates can be horrible experiences. So terrible that you could go to any extent to bring it to an end. Here are some exit strategies to help you in such situations.

Dating By Vasudha BhatMar 08, 2015

Escaping the Trouble

Imagine a woman with long nails scratching a chalk board. The screeching sound can haunt you even in your imagination. The same happens with bad dates. They are equally horrible and all you can hope for is to have an eject button that would take you a thousand miles from wherever you are. Thankfully, there are some exit strategies that can help you to escape a bad date and its horror. Read on to know.

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Plan an Emergency Call

Whenever you are going out with someone new, have an emergency call planned with a friend. The call must be ready to arrive whenever you send the secret code to your best pal. The caller must ask you to leave whatever you are doing and be somewhere else ASAP.

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Behave Disgustingly

Depending on how miserable your date is going, you should start talking about disgusting things that can turn off your date instantly. There is nothing more disgusting than a girl talking about her menstrual cycle, her menstrual cramps or how many times she has to change her tampon. Saying such things will bring you instant results.

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Work Comes First

If you find your date eating too slowly or you can sense that another glass of wine is on its way, turn on your 'work comes first' mode. You could tell your date that you just received a mail from your boss and it is something very urgent that requires your attention at office or you received a task to be reported before the same night.

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Leaving them thinking that you are a ghost is the most convenient way. You could use excuses like you have to take a leak or you have to make an important phone call and once you are out, never return. Also, make sure that you have a friend waiting to pick you up.

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Hog Like a Pig

This will surely end your date soon because you will no longer come across as a sophisticated and socializing adult. You must become a food critic suddenly and order as many things from the menu as possible. Watching you eat everything at the restaurant, your date will not waste any more time to order dessert.

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Talk about your Ex

When you don’t want to continue with the date, start telling stories. Talk about your ex boyfriends and keep talking without taking a breath.

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Plan to make them Meet your Parents

There couldn’t be a better way than scaring them off with your plans of meeting their parents. The idea of meeting someone’s parents right after the first date can give jitters to anyone. Doing this can bring your date to an end, really early.

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