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7 Mistakes Women Make that Men Just cannot Ignore

If you don’t want to make it to the list of annoying girlfriends, you must avoid doing certain things. Skip making these mistakes and you will help your man feel better about the relationship.

Dating By Vasudha Bhat / Feb 05, 2015

Are you Pissing him Off?

Your man is head-over-heels in love with you. Sure he is! But then there are few of your typical girlfriend-like habits that are pissing him off. Have you ever seen him storming out with no explanation at all? You may think that he is weird but then there are very thick chances that you are the one annoying him. So, if you don’t want to lose out on the charm of your relationship, instead make him feel a lot better about being with you, here are some habits that you must stop doing right now.

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Sharing your Relationship Problems with Others

Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. It can be highly unacceptable for your man to discover that all this while that the both you were struggling to make it work, you were sharing the gory secrets of your relationship with your female friends. While on one hand when a man has a hard time working his relationship out, he likes to shut himself u, on the other hand, when a woman faces troubles in a relationship, she likes to share it with every possible person. Of course, not all females are like that but just in case you fall in this category, stop doing it right away.

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Talking Continuously while He is Playing

He might never say it but, when he is busy with his Xbox he does not like you talking. And, talking about serious relationship stuff or discussing office gossip while he is playing is like testing his patience. Playing games relaxes him and every time he strokes and wins a game, he is actually having an adrenaline rush. When you talk during these hours, he will respond to you in syllables like `hmm’, `huh’, `uhh’ but inside his head he is so frustrated with the talking that he wants to point his game weapon towards you.

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Not Giving him the Space

Not giving him his alone time every now-and-then can get on his nerves. Sure you want to spend all the time with him but a man likes to have some time to himself. At times they themselves might not know how they will use the time for themselves but they still need it to recuperate.

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Not Letting him have his Quiet Time

He may not tell you this aloud and often but, he does need silence. And sometimes, a lot of it. If he replies with a `nothing’ on being asked about what he has been thinking, he truly is thinking about `nothing’.  This may sound a little weird for females because their brains are always occupied but, men can actually just gaze at the sky and think about nothing. So give him the quiet time and let him enter his quiet zone.

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Flirting with Other Men

A secure man will never feel jealous if his girlfriend flirts with other men. In fact, all the attention that his girl gets will only make him feel proud of his choice and will leave him thinking how other men would envy him. But, all this will only remain till the time the girl treats him better than all the other men. If you try to get unacceptably close with other men and try to belittle your guy, you are making it to the top on the list of annoying girlfriends.

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Asking him if you Look Fat

Ladies, you need to grow above that ridiculous question. You can look at yourself in the mirror and have a face-off with reality. Why do you want your man to dread that moment when you pop the silly question? Both of you know the answer you would receive and also, both of you know that it wouldn’t be true. He knows it pretty well that no matter how fat you look in that sexy dress, you are still going to wear it. So, why piss him off with the question?

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Not Understanding his Passions

Men can be passionate about a lot of things and as their partner it is your responsibility to understand them. They can appear useless and silly to you at times but it is their passion and you must support them. Men hate it when their girlfriends don’t understand their passions and keep cribbing about it. They hate to be told to grow up only because they love bikes, cars or gadgets.

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