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7 Amazing benefits of using glycerine on your lips

Beautiful lips make you and your smile look even prettier. If you aren’t a fan of cosmetic products, glycerine is a natural way to get rid of dry, chapped and dark lips. Know the seven amazing reasons for using glycerine on your lips.

Fashion & Beauty By Ariba Khaliq / Aug 07, 2015

For lips that put a model to shame

Don’t believe those advertisements by lip balm brands that show their products to magically turn your chapped lips into supple puckers? Nothing but glycerine can give you soft, pink lips. It hydrates them, removes darkness and keeps dryness away. Read on for the seven amazing benefits of using glycerine on your lips.

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Makes Them Soft

Moisturising properties of glycerine are well-documented. It’s a perfect remedy for dry, chapped lips. You should specially use it during winter because cold breeze causes your lips to chap, even bleed sometimes.

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Makes them pink

Dark lips, whether due to smoking or pigmentation can be lightened with the help of glycerine. Apply glycerine every night before you go to bed and wake up with candy pink kissable lips.

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Keeps lips moisturized

The skin of your lips is thinner and more sensitive than your facial skin and so it calls for extra care. If you won’t keep them moisturised enough all day, they won’t look good and you won’t feel great. While your lip balm may hydrate the lips for a few hours, glycerine will keep them supple all day long. You don’t need to re-apply glycerine all the time.

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Prevents flaking and bleeding

Dry lips flake easily and picking on them can cause bleeding. It not only looks unsightly but also causes pain. Heal your lips using glycerine so that you don’t have to be embarrassed.

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Delays the signs of aging

Just like your skin, your lips age too. They are marred by fine lines and blemishes which can be prevented with the help of glycerine.

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Prevents irritation

Extremely dry lips are itchy and irritating. Scratching can tear the protective layer of skin and cause bleeding. Instead of using your teeth to pick on the dry flakes on lips, use your hands to apply glycerine there.

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Treats mouth ulcers and sores

In case you suffer mouth ulcers or cold sores, ditch medical ointments and apply glycerine over them. It is a natural and safe way to sooth inflammation and works as a wonderful remedy.

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