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6 Ways to prevent clothing allergies

Clothes that you wear on daily basis can cause allergy. Now, you cannot stop wearing clothes, can you? But you can surely take some measures to prevent these clothing allergies.

Mind Body By Namrata Dutta / Feb 04, 2016

Clothes made of natural fabrics

There are fabrics that can cause allergies due to getting brushed against your skin continuously during a day. Thus, you can go for clothing that is made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen.

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Clothes with less or no dyes in them

Try and wear clothes that are light colored and have less or no dye in it because you may be aware that chemicals present in some dyes and coloring agents can cause skin allergies.

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Loose fitting clothes

Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight on your body. The friction from wearing tight clothing may cause allergies.

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Chemically treated clothing

If you have clothing that is labeled “Do not iron” and “dirt-repellent”, it is likely that these clothing are chemically treated and can cause allergies when wore.

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Clothes labeled “Wash separately”

Clothes that are labeled ‘wash separately’ are most likely to have dye in them and can cause skin allergies.

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Clean clothes

Keep your clothes clean always. Sweat and dust can be a primary cause of skin allergies.

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