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6 Ways exercise makes us happy

People who exercise are synonymous with happiness. "How?", you ask? Well, read on.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra KamalasananMar 31, 2015

Why exercise?

If you have ever spoken to someone who is an ardent treadmill runner and a hit in the local gym, you sure know how that conversation pulls you out of a stress ball. The problem with most of us is that we think stress to be a “way of life”; that there is no hiding from it. On the contrary, stress is alien and it can be easily prevented from knocking you down. But, why, you may ask, are all exercise-lovers bubbling with happiness all the time?

It soothes anxiety

Exercise may be an easy cure for those who suffer from anxiety. Few recent studies have underlined the many effects of exercise on people suffering from anxiety experience. While exercising gives an immediate mood boost, with consistent workout, one will start to feel the long-term effects that are similar to the ones offered by meditation and talk therapy.

It boosts confidence

When you do not feel good about your body or the way you look, it can become too easy for you to have low self-esteem. And this can cause a negative effect on all the areas of life such as your relationships, goals, aspirations and career. Once you start exercising and see your body transform, you will feel stronger and independent, thus more confident.

It energises you

When you remain consistent at working out, you start to feel less and less tired to start exercising after a tiring day. No matter how busy you are, you should try to muster up your willpower and work out. Doing so will help you feel more energized throughout the rest of the day compared with what you would have felt had to remain immobile on the couch.

Exercise releases happy chemicals into the brain

A chemical that plays an important role in making one happy, dopamine, is a neurotransmitter inside the brain that is very important for feelings of pleasure as well as happiness. Several studies that were done in the past suggest that as we age, we lose our dopamine reserves, implying the need to look out for experiences that release the happy chemical. And, the best way in which dopamine is produced is by exercising.

It battles insomnia

You might think that the only solution to lack of sleep is to take sleeping pills, but in fact, exercise can lead to the same results. Staying active and exercising every day has been shown to bring improvements to one’s sleep quality. Moreover, it can help you get out of bed early in the morning.

It makes you less stressed out

Not only does working out ease stress in the short term, but it also helps you become less stressed over a period of time. This is because when you exercise, you subject yourself to low-level of stress by raising the heart rate and producing a burst of hormonal changes. This makes your body to eventually get better at handling stressors.

So, start exercising today!

The next time you feel down, anxious or stressed, get out of that couch and get some exercise because you will get all of the above, instantly.

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