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Are you going to say the final “Goodbye” to someone? Deciding on leaving someone is always tough. When you start your journey with someone, unknowingly you two get involved emotionally and when you finally decide to leave someone you love; it does le

Snr By Namrata Dutta / Feb 10, 2016

Why am I even leaving?

This is the most important question that you must ask yourself before saying ‘Goodbye’. Why do you want to leave? What is making you leave at the first place? Is it affecting you negatively? Has it become that important to leave the person? Ask yourself and if you think you want to talk it out with your partner, talk it out before making the harsh decision of leaving.

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What happens to me after this?

Do you think that a big part of yourself will be gone if you leave this person, talk it out. There are times when you have a big change in your personality after getting into a relationship and when you decide to bail out, it becomes rather difficult to get your old self back. Do not stay for the sake of a relationship, stay if the relationship is making you happy without altering your personality.

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Does this relationship have a future?

Ask yourself, whether this relationship has a future or not. Everyone wants a destination, getting married isn’t always the desire but being happy with the person you are, indeed is the desire even after years. If you see that the relationship is becoming bitter by each passing year and have no chances of getting better, you are making the right decision.

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Are you happy?

Ask yourself if you are happy with the person or not? If this person is making you happy and smile, there shouldn’t be any other considerations because every relationship goes through their ups and downs. However, if the relationship has seen more tears than smiles, you know what to do.

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Do you really love them or not?

You might not have answer to this question; rather ask if you love them for who they are or do you love them for they became for you? There will be times when the person you have a relationship with, becomes something you wish him/her to be. If you think that you don’t like or appreciate the person’s real self, do leave before changing him because later on, you won’t like their changed selves as well.

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Are we available for each other, in times of need?

One factor that makes a relationship work is the time given to each other. Do you think you are available for him/her emotionally? If you think you are there for that person but not emotionally when he or she needs you, ask yourself, am I doing justice to this relationship?

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