6 Must have beauty products for men

Feb 27, 2016

  • 1

    An electric shaver instead of a regular razor blade shaver

    Using an electric will allow you to inhibit ingrown hair and also it is way hygienic than razor blade shaves. The finishing and smoothness is evident in electric shavers.

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  • 2

    Night cream at nights

    When we said there are beauty products for men, we were not lying. Men should use a night cream at night before going to bed to have a smooth skin.

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  • 3

    A body wash instead of soaps

    Soaps has a sodium hydroxide that makes your skin dry while body wash has a lesser quantity of sodium hydroxide, thus does not make your skin dry as compared to soap.

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  • 4

    Colognes, to smell better

    Smell of sweat isn’t always a very nice thing. It isn't true that only women should smell good, men should also try and smell good. Today market is full with colognes and perfumes for men.

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  • 5

    After shaving lotions

    Men should make use of after shaving lotions, not just to have a soft add glowing skin but also to keep any infection at bay.

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  • 6

    Shaving gel with glycerin

    Shaving gel or cream with glycerin in it can give you a smooth shave along with a cleaner look.

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