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6 Foods that are banned abroad but not in India

There's a lot of stuff getting banned in India, and the movement is only getting larger. But, some everyday foods available in the country are actually banned abroad.

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Sep 03, 2015

What are we really eating?

Maggi ban had stirred up curious bugs in our mind to find out about other food products that have been banned. And, our investigation opened us up to the fact that some foods are banned abroad but not in India. Yes, there are some foods that pose graver health risks than Maggi but we are still allowed to consume them. Read the list and stay safe.

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Asian honey

Beware of all the bogus claims by honey advertorials because Europe had banned Asian honey following reports about it containing antibiotics and heavy metals. Regardless of this, US companies continue to import Asian honey illegally from China and export it to India for sale.

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French authorities have discarded ketchup for its cultural threat to French cooking. They believe it masks the taste of foods that children are eating and have banned it in primary schools in France.

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Red Bull

France and Denmark banned it and it remains banned in Lithuania for people under the age of 18. The energy drink is said to contribute to heart problems, depression, hypertension and convulsions.

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Jelly sweets

Indian Food Authorities may deem jelly sweets good for consumption, but the truth is, they are made of a thickening agent called konjac, which causes choking hazard. UK and other parts of Europe don’t import it, however, the sweets are widely available in Japan and the Far East.

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Unpasteurised milk

The presence of harmful microbes and germs in unpasteurised milk led to its ban in almost all of the USA and Canada. It is easily available in India even when it can make you severely ill.

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Kinder Joy

Next time you’re in the States, don’t try buying a Kinder egg. This popular treat is barred from import by US Customs and Border Protection because it contains a “non-nutritive object embedded in it”. It can pose a choking hazard.

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