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6 amazing things you didn’t know about sneezing

Cold and flu, allergies and there are many reasons that can make you sneeze. Sneeze is a very common phenomenon; some people are loud and thunderous while some are comparatively gentle when they sneeze. It is just a reflex and we cannot control it. H

Mind Body By Namrata Dutta / May 20, 2016

Your sneeze travels faster than you can think

Now, there are some interesting things about sneezing and this is one of them. Yes, sneeze travels faster than you think. As per some studies, a sneeze can travel about 100 miles per hour.

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Your sneeze can spray germs really far

When you sneeze, the germs can travel from a radius of 5 foot to 30 feet away. So, if you notice someone is going to sneeze and you’re standing close to them, you better step back 30 feet away before the germs hit you in the face.

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Sunshine makes some people sneeze

Yes, the thing that you need to know about sneezing is that there are people who sneeze in sunlight. The sneeze occurred due to sunlight is called as photic sneeze reflex and it only affects a few people.

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As a reflex, your eyes close

You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. It is an involuntary reflex, you cannot control it. When you sneeze, your eyes will close involuntarily. Even if you try and keep your eyes open while sneezing, you can’t.

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Your heart won’t stop when you sneeze

Well, as there is an urban legend that your heart skips a beat when you sneeze while the truth is that your heart rate slows down a bit when you sneeze but does not stop working. Yes, you wouldn't die afterall when you sneeze.

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Stopping a sneeze can be harmful

If a sneeze halfway out of your face, do not even try to hold it back as it may lead to severe injuries, like weakened blood vessels in the brain, damaged ear drums and ruptured blood vessels in the eyes.

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