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Amazing health benefits of clove tea

The powerful healing qualities of clove tea make it great for drinking, but it is also a good tea to drink casually for its good taste as well. If you enjoy strong, flavorful brews of tea, clove tea may be worth your time to try.

Exercise & Fitness By Ariba Khaliq / Apr 07, 2015

As a hand rinse

You should always carry a bottle of clove tea on a picnic, or for camping or backpacking trips. Take some amount of it and rub gently on your hands. It would be great if you practise it before and/or after you eat, especially when you have eaten a meal mostly with your hands, and leaves a pleasant fragrance too.

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For relieving pain

Clove tea can also be used to treat arthritis pain, strained muscles or a sprained ankle. You can prepare a clove tea compress by soaking a clean washcloth in the tea. Apply this soaked cloth on the affected area for 20 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

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To aid digestion

One benefit that can be derived from clove tea is its ability to help work as a digestive aid. Drinking one cup of this tea after an unsettling meal can help ease feelings of indigestion or discomfort as well as rid the stomach of bloated feelings. The carminative properties of this tea help by relieving flatulence as well. Drinking this tea can also soothe abdominal pains that are a result from cramps as well.

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For treating enema

Dilute the clove tea by adding some non-chlorinated water to it. Use this mild tea solution as an antifungal douche, along with proper anti-candida dietary modifications to cure vaginal yeast infection. The solution can also be used to treat enema.

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For enhancing hair highlights

If you have dark hair with auburn or red highlights, clove tea makes a great rinse after shampooing. It makes the warm tones brownish in colour and enhances red and auburn highlights. Simply wash hair as usual, condition if you like, rinse with clove tea and finish with a rinse of pure water. Once for every 5 shampoos is about right.

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