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5 Yoga Asanas to Get Instant Energy

More often than not, you might feel lethargic when you get up. Morning tiredness can also lead to body discomfort, feeling of mental and physical exhaustion, joint pain and brain drain. An energetic morning will make your whole day indefatigable. Yog

Yoga By Varsha Vats / Dec 12, 2018

Chair Pose

Chair pose or Utkatasana stimulates the muscles of arms and legs. It also stimulates the diaphragm and the heart. All you need to do is pose like you are sitting on an imaginary chair. Once you are in the position, hold it for few seconds. It will provide strength to your both hands and legs. During this asana you can place your hands stretched in front of you as well as stretched upwards.

Wheel Pose

Wheel pose or Chakrasana is one of the best morning poses. It improves gut health and strengthens the spine, shoulder and back. It is also effective to cure thyroid problems. To perform this asana you need to lie on the floor and keep your arms straight above your head. Now lift your body and balance it on your legs and hands. Later try to bring your hands closer to your legs. Hold this position for few seconds and then come back to the starting position.


Natarajasana or dance pose stretches both inner and outer thigh muscles and hip muscles. This asana also strengthens legs as the whole body weight lies on one leg. This asana stimulates almost every muscle of legs as well as enhances blood circulation in legs. To perform this asana stand straight, lift your right leg and bend in a backward motion. Now try to grab your right ankle with right hand and stretch. Stretch your left arm forward and keep the palm stretched out. Hold the pose for at least 20 seconds and repeat it by changing legs.

Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalbhati Pranayama is a breathing exercise that cures liver cirrhosis, jaundice, hepatitis and many other diseases. This yoga asana keeps your overall body healthy and keeps your mind fresh. To do Kapalbhati, sit cross-legged on the floor and keep your spine straight. Inhale deeply until your lungs are full with air. Now exhale forcefully through your nostrils so that your stomach goes deep inside. When you exhale you will feel the pressure on your stomach. Close your eyes throughout the exercise so that you can focus on your breathing. Practice this for 15 minutes a day.


Vriksasana also known as tree pose is another great morning asana. This asana helps to focus and stay attentive. Maintaining a body balance is the most important part of this asana. It strengthens your spine legs as well as improves neuromuscular coordination. To perform this asana you need to stand straight and bend your right knee and place the right foot on your left thigh. The sole of the right foot should be placed flat on the left thigh. raise both your hands upwards and join the palms. Now hold this pose and try to balance the whole body on one leg. Later repeat the pose with the other leg.


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