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5 Worst things to do when you aim for building bigger triceps

Are you a fitness freak? Do you want to flaunt those guns? People usually concentrate more on biceps, but don’t realize that it is the triceps that create most of the arms' mass and end up making these common mistakes.

Exercise & Fitness By Suhail Sattar / Dec 28, 2015

Failing to include close grip bench press and dips

Although isolation exercises are considered highly effective while focusing on triceps' building exercise, you won’t be able to reach your mass potential without including close grip dips and bench press in your regime. These exercises let you team up with chest and delts to lift prodigious poundage.

Failing to incorporate over-head movement

The best triceps exercise is when you place your elbow up close to the ears with your arms overhead. When doing triceps work out, you should include exercises such as inclined-seated overhead barbells, dumbbells or cable extensions.

Using same volume for triceps and biceps

People love training biceps, but triceps being more complex muscles, they require a little more effort to reach full development. If you do 6-8 sets of biceps exercises, then you should consider doing 2-4 sets more of triceps exercises.

Doing wide elbow exercise

Wanting to get your muscles to grow at a fast rate? Make sure that it receives proper tension every time you do a rep. During pushdowns and extensions, you cheat your triceps and involve more of your shoulders and chest. So, try keeping your elbows tight and only let your triceps move the bar or the dumbbells.

Not locking out

Locking out is important because if you don’t lock them up, you are not fully engaging your triceps and also miss on the potential hypertrophy. While doing a triceps exercise, allow your elbow joints to support the weight.

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