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5 Ways to teach children to be eco-conscious

Weather good or bad, habits from early age can stick to us like a glue stick. It is best to ingest healthy eco-friendly habits from a young age. Here are some steps on how you can do it.

Tips for Parent By Suhail Sattar / Oct 30, 2015

Make cardboard boxes into art projects

The sum of cardboard boxes we simply throw away is absurd; instead you can involve your kids with them. Cardboard boxes come in different sizes and depending on the size you can make theatre props, spaceships and even doll house.

Establish an organic garden

Planting a seed and watching it grow right in front of you is something priceless. Being a beginner, the child will get to learn a lot, by making meals from the herbs and produce reaped. By this the child can also learn why to use organic food instead of conventional crops.

Show care and concern for plants

Make your kids responsible and teach them how to care for plants. Educate them about the soil dryness and how to water it. This can also help you kids build interest in science. You share basic information about the dependence of humans on plants and how both are equally important.


Recycling is important and you can help your children learn what recycling really means and what you could do with all the old plastics and bottles. Make it a job for them to sort all the plastics and glass and show them how they could create something useful out of waste.


Show your kids the beauty of donation. Donate as much possible from toys, clothes, shoes to almost everything reasonable. Take a trip to local children hospitals with your kids and try explaining them that not all kids are as fortunate as others and once the see those kids in person lightening up with their old toys, they will be changed for life.

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