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5 Top foods rich in Vitamin B5

Pantothenic Acid is commonly known as Vitamin B5, is a water-soluble vitamin required by our body for vesicular processes and absorption of fat. Though, there are rare cases where B5 in body is lesser than needed because it is usually found in most f

Exercise & Fitness By Namrata Dutta / Mar 02, 2016

Chicken liver

Chicken livers are a great source of fat, cholesterol, zinc, iron and vitamins. Chicken liver has the highest amount of B5 in it.

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Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are another source of vitamin B5 and not just Vitamins but they are highly rich in Fatty acids and amino acids, minerals. With all these nutrients, sunflower seeds help prevent cancer as well. It contains 7.06mg of Vitamin B5.

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As you may be aware that salmon is a rich source of minerals, cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids and along with all these, it has 2.24mg of Pantothenic Acid aka Vitamin B5.

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Mushrooms are another great source of Vitamin B5 and other many nutrients. Consumption of mushrooms gives you 3.59mg of Pantothenic Acid.

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1 cup of yogurt can give your body 1.45 mg of Pantothenic Acid.  And another nutrients that yogurt is enriched with in abundance are proteins, calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6.

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