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5 Things you will love and hate about dating a shy girl

Typically, a confident girl makes it little easier for you to make a connection. When you are looking to date a shy girl, you'll have work a bit more.

Dating By Himanshu Sharma / Sep 17, 2015

She does not crave for attention

She doesn’t like to be the centre of attention. To tell that you only have eyes for her, you don’t have to show off your love to the public such as by singing the birthday song aloud when the world is watching. You just have to make her feel special and she will be yours.

Attention to detail

She notices everything from your gestures to your clothes. She remembers it all, including the hellos and goodbyes. It is strange, but you don’t have to push yourself to do everything perfectly. Being nice to her will take care of everything.

Talk less, listen more

You can take charge of conversations and she would wait until you finish. She will remain quiet and will not block your conversation. The ‘observing you’ is her cover and also the quality you will adore the most. She would also expect you to do the same.

You get things initiated

She will not make the first move, will take a long time to open up or reveal her feelings to you. With her, you will always be the one who initiates. What’s best is that she won’t mind you having your way most times. If you are someone who wants things to happen fast, she is not the right match. If you are patient, it will all be worth in the end.

The relationship zone

She is less likely to cheat on you because she tends to appear cold to other people and thus, will have very little likelihood of being approached.



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