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5 Things a truly good partner will never do

To be a good partner means that you have certain characteristics. Here is a list of things that a great partner doesn’t do.

Dating By Suhail Sattar / Oct 17, 2015

A good partner would never discourage you

The sign of a good partner is the way in which he supports your ambitions. He would always be ready to be there when ever you needed him and wouldn’t ever insult or discourage.

A good partner would never invade your privacy

A good partner will not touch your laptop or Smartphone if you leave it unlocked by mistake. In fact, he will be more or less concerned about not letting another person use the opportunity to exploit you.

A good partner will never cheat on you

Being together is a personal choice that two individuals make in a relationship. There literally are no physical bindings between the two people, but a mutual decision. A good partner will never cheat in a relationship because cheating will mean going back on the promise. He will respect you and will do nothing to step on it.

A good partner will never disrespect you

If he is a good partner, he will not demean you or speak in a condescending tone. He will not talk in a manner that will put you down. As a quote suggests -‘A man of quality is not afraid of equality.’

A good partner will never abuse or demean you

A good partner will always recognize the fact that his worth and confidence comes from within and not from placing others below him. At times, humor is used as a medium of sarcasm and mockery, but a great partner would only use humor to make you smile.

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