5 Surprising ways to stop shaving cut bleeding

Sep 19, 2015

  • 1

    Use cold water or ice cubes

    At times of cuts or nicks, simply grab an ice cube and apply it to the cut. This will allow the blood vessels to constrict and eventually form a clot. On the other hand, you can also apply a wet cloth with ice cold water to heal the wound.

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    Use deodorant

    Most deodorants or antiperspirants contain aluminium chloride that helps in constricting blood vessels and allowing blood clot to form. During the cut, simply swipe a bit of deodorant on your fingertip or use a cotton swab and apply it to the cut.

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    Mouthwashes mostly constrain solutions like Listerine with a blend of alcohol that has astringent properties. Mouthwash thus, halts blood flow by causing tissues around the cut to contract.

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    Apply lip balm or Vaseline

    A lip balm can help your cut to stop bleeding as the waxy texture helps seal the skin and allow a blood clot to form. You can also use Vaseline instead to make it work like a lip balm, so you can dab a bit on the cut to seal it right away.

  • 5

    Pour sugar

    Sugar can be very resourceful in situations like these. It acts as a disinfectant that has a potential to kill bacteria that linger on and around the wound. It also helps to stop blood flow from the wound.


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