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5 Surprising facts about human body that will scare you

Human body is a mystery. No matter how much you claim to know about it, there will always be facts about your body that will leave you startled.

Mind Body By Vasudha BhatAug 24, 2015

Solve the mystery

Human body is a mystery. As soon as you are convinced that you know it all, there pops another fact that leaves you baffled. So, let’s find out how well you know your body through these amazing facts.

Your eyelashes have mites

Don’t look so petrified. These mites don’t harm. Has it ever occurred to you why your eyes twitch? And no, we are not expecting all the superstitious reasons for an answer. The real reason for unusual twitching of eyes is these mites that live on your eyelashes and feed on your skin. Clinically known as demodex, these mites are 1/3rd of a millimeter in length.

You shed skin, all the time

That does not mean we are evolved reptiles. We are humans, and we too keep shedding our dead skin. Surprisingly, this dead skin is a significant part of the dust found in our house.

Body enzymes eat our body

There are enzymes in our body that help us break down the food we consume and give us energy. But, it is the same enzymes that start eating our body up even after death.

You can glow in dark

If you have been spending a fortune on fairness creams that claim to give you flawless and glowing skin, you will be surprised to know that the human body is already bioluminescent. This means that humans can glow in the dark. It is just that the light we emit is too low to be seen by naked eyes.

Heart is a powerful machine

Just because it rests in a corner of our body and performs its job in silence does not mean you can take it for granted. The heart is a powerful machine and it pumps blood at such a high speed that if it squirted out blood, the splatter could touch up to 30 feet across the room.

Image source: Getty Images

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