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5 Surprising facts about beards you didn’t know

Beards are true accessory of a man, and a symbol of toughness. Let’s look at the surprising things beards can do other than keeping you handsome.

Skin Care By Himanshu Sharma / Oct 21, 2015

A symbol for bravery and fearlessness

In the olden times, beard was a symbol of bravery. Alexender The Great thought beards can be dangerous in hand-to-hand combat and made all of his soldiers shave. Within time beards would grow back and soldiers used to keep them as a symbol of fearlessness in times of war.

Gold beards were rage once

Just like the gold chains are popular in hip hop culture today, gold beard was in ancient Egyptian times. Men used to plate their beards gold to flaunt eliteness.

From baby-faced man to bearded man

Don’t have facial hair and envy those with beards? Surgery may be the answer. The rate of beard transplant operations has increased 600% between 2008 and 2013. You can make out how popular beards are.

A shield against health threats

A beard is like a shield against illnesses and infections. It prevents outside temperature causing health troubles by keeping your body heat in as well as keeping face and neck warm. Your beard and moustache keep allergens from entering your nose and mouth, thereby lowering the risk of infections and allergies.

Keeps your skin in great shape

Shaving on a daily basis leads to roughness of facial skin. On the other hand, maintaining a beard help you be blemish-free and skin young. Moreover, beards safeguard you against the harmful UV rays of sun.

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