5 Signs that your workout is too easy

Dec 22, 2015

  • 1

    If you don’t feel fatigued

    The first sign that your workout was too easy is when you don’t sweat or feel fatigued. You make yourself follow the same routine, which makes your body adapt to it. You will be required to push your body to new limits so as to assist in metabolic spike and if you are not expending energy, you will not receive any benefits.

  • 2

    You are very social

    If you are hyper active while talking and the time you are in the gym is your social hour, then you aren’t training extensively. Gym at times can be a place of social and fun experience and if your heart rate is not high enough and your talking doesn’t include heavy breathing, then your workout isn’t headed the way it is supposed to.

  • 3

    A repetitive workout routine

    Even though it’s good to see that your workout that you love shows results, you need to change the gears and switch up your exercise. Many people get accustomed to a specific exercise routine in a particular time frame, which in the long run makes muscles to not respond to your routine. You should extensively change your exercise form every four weeks to excite your body and for it to demand change.

  • 4

    You are not pushing your heart rate

    Even though a regular exercise doesn’t really harm your muscles, exercises that are really effective are the ones that make your heart rate fast. Having an increased heart rate can assist in preventing heart related diseases and sugar related problems such as diabetes

  • 5

    You get bored easily

    If you see yourself killing time in between your exercise, then it’s highly advisable that you find a coach or a workout partner who would push you hard to keep up the game.

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