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5 Reasons why you should grow spring onions in your backyard

Most of us, including me, know little about spring onions, except for the fact that they are frikkin delicious. Well, some of these crucial benefits of these long-stemmed veggies will make you want to have more of them.

Exercise & Fitness By Bhadra KamalasananJan 12, 2016

They lower blood sugar levels

Sulphur compounds present in green onions have been proven by studies to lower blood sugar levels. This is does by increasing insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone essential for transportation of sugar inside blood to all the blood cells.

They improve bone density

Spring onions have lots of vitamin C and vitamin K in them, which makes them improve normal functioning of bones. While vitamin C stimulates the synthesis of collagen, a protein essential for bones, vitamin K secures bone density.

They aid in respiratory function

Spring onions are enriched with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which make them a natural remedy for viral infections, common cold, flu, etc. Moreover, they help in expelling sputum and stimulate activity of the respiratory system.

They reduce risk of cancer

The allyl sulphide, a sulphur-containing compound, in green onions helps in reducing risk of cancer. Flavonoids in this root vegetable also help in preventing cancer by inhibiting the production of an enzyme that causese cellular and DNA damage.

They protect against infections

The sulphur present in spring onions helps in inhibiting fungal growth and the vitamin K in it helps the blood to clot. Moreover, these nutrients enhance the circulation of blood as well as absorption of vitamin B1, helping in reduction of stress and fatigue.

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