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5 Public Places that have most Germs

At home and other places, we try to be as clean as possible and keep all the germs at bay. But we can’t always avoid the germs that lurk in public places. Take a look at some of the places where germs are most likely found.

Happiness By Arushi Bidhuri / Aug 29, 2018

Public Washrooms

From the soap dispenser to the toilet seat, everything in a public restroom carries germs. The germs lurking in these places can cause bacterial infections which can also lead to problems such as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, etc. So the next time when you leave a public washroom - wash your hands properly for about 15 seconds and use a tissue to close the faucet to avoid an infection. 

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Even a fancy restaurant with swanky interiors can be contaminated with zillion germs. They might be lurking in the most unlikely of places. Restaurant menus, for example, change many hands in a day and are never cleaned in between restaurant guests. Other places in a restaurant that contain germs include soap dispensers, ice machines, tabletop condiments and lemon water. 


Swimming Pools

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that a germ called Cryptosporidium can resist the chlorine disinfectant in swimming pools and is the leading cause of outbreaks linked to pools. Anyone suffering from diarrhea can infect the pool and the chlorine present in it can’t kill all the germs. So, avoid going into the pool if you are ill and do not swallow the pool water.


Things like the desktop, keyboards, mouse, phone and the restroom toilet seats are the most contaminated places in an office, according to a study. Since people often touch all of these surfaces multiple times in a day, there are more chances of getting an infection. Use disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizers to keep the area around you clean.

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Movie Theaters

Before settling in those theater seats, think about the places where germs might be lurking. People suffering from a cold or flu often visit the theatres without knowing that they might leave contaminated residue on the seats. Avoid touching your seats with your hands as much as you can, especially when you are eating. Moreover, you should avoid going to the theatre if you are not well. 


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