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5 Myths about childcare no parent should believe

When it comes to childcare, you might be concerned about whether what you're doing is really the right thing or not. Take a look at certain common myths about childcare to separate fact from fiction.

Tips for Parent By Himanshu Sharma / Nov 17, 2015

Myth: Learning should be left for school years.

Fact: The early years of life are the best time for learning and parents must utilize it. You shouldn’t let school do the teaching. Focus on how to grow your child even before he reaches an age to go to school. Listen to his babble and respond, sing to her and read out rhymes to help the baby learn.

Myth: Parents feel an instant attachment to their baby.

Fact: It is normal for parents not to feel a connection with their child. Pregnancy is exhausting and sometimes, the influx of hormones may tire a woman so much that she may take her own sweet time to bond with the baby, which in some women may take a while.

Myth: You must always follow the copy book (baby books) for child care.

Fact: There is no one right way to do things. Books and internet is full of advice on how to care for infants and children. The notion that there is one right way to handle all children is a myth. You can experiment in the early months and figure out what your baby likes.

Myth: A baby must be given oil massage every day to straighten bones.

Fact: It is believed that oil massage helps straighten infants’ bones. A gentle oil massage builds muscle tone, makes the skin supple and the baby warm in colder climates. There is no need for a daily massage. And there is no scientific proof to support that oil massages in infants straightens bones.

Myth: Adult medicines, in small doses, are safe for children.

Fact: Giving your child an adult’s medicine is never a good idea. Agitation, elevated heart rate, respiratory depression, upset stomach, skin rash and diarrhoea are some of the side-effects associated with consumption of adult medicine in children.

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