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5 Must pack items for your vacation

There are certain moments in life when making the right decision can be crucial. One of these moments is getting ready for an imminent vacation.

Travel Health By Suhail SattarAug 31, 2015

Swimming suits

To relax, we pick locations close to water bodies like beaches, pools or water parks. So, you need to make sure you pack swimming gears so that you can always change as and when needed.

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Portable charger

At times, it gets really hectic when your battery runs low, especially when you are miles away from your destination and are not able to recharge. A portable charger should be the first thing you pack, particularly if you are a frequent phone user.

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Sunscreen, sunglasses and bug spray

Normally, there are a lot of mosquitoes in tropical destinations and therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, the most important accessory for summer has to be your sunglasses. And, if you are planning to bathe in the sun, you should get effective protection for a clean and stunning tan.

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Waterproof camera or water resistant case for your cell phone

To click pictures, communicate and keep in touch with family or friends without risking your device, you need to carry a water repellent case because most of your travel moments might include playing near water sources.

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Cash or money

You might sometimes, find it problematic to locate ATMs, so to avoid this from happening, take some cash which will help you save time rather than having an arguable conflict with your respective bank.

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