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5 Legit excuses for skipping your workout

Do you always come up with convincing reasons to not exercise? Well, they could just be legitimate. Check our list of all the right reasons to not workout.

Exercise & Fitness By Himanshu Sharma / Nov 20, 2015

I’m super sore from yesterday's workout

It seems that you have the worst cramps ever and it is impossible to get moving. Your back might break if you move a bit. You are too tired for working out and the only way out is rest day!

My workout clothes are in laundry

You're out of workout clothes and there is nothing else that you can wear for gym. No clothes, no gym day! You can catch infections wearing dirty clothes. Better take a break and give time for muscles to repair.

I’m running late

You're running super late and missing exercise is the only way to make up for the lost time. You have to miss workout session. Attend to what it is important.

Can’t say no to friend’s birthday dinner

It is a friend’s birthday dinner or an anniversary celebration, and you wouldn’t have any time for exercise. It's a day of celebration, make it a special day for them. And, give 5 minutes for freehand exercises.

You sense injury

Skip your workout if you suspect you're injured. You should feel your best to give your best shot.

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