5 herbs that should be used by all men

Dec 20, 2015

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    Ashwagandha comes in the class of adaptogen herbs, which means it’s a part of healing pants that help in balancing, protecting and restoring the body. It doesn’t really have a particular function in the body when consumed, but helps in normalizing physiological functions and helps in avoiding negative influences like stress.

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    Rhodiola rosea

    Rhodiola rosea is also known by the name of golden root that provides myriad benefits to the body. Including this in your daily regime can lower your cortisol levels which are a stress hormone that cause damage to your body. It also improves your brain function and also boosts your energy levels along with belly fat burning properties. It also allows you to improve in your athletic performance and also fights depression.

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    Tribulus Terrestris

    In case you have low levels of testosterone and are struggling with it, Tribulus Terrestris is for you. It has been consumed over the history to boost your testosterone levels and also helps ramp up your sexual desire and fight erectile dysfunction.

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    Saw Palmetto

    With age prostrate health becomes an issue, so saw palmetto which is also known as Sabal serrulata is one such herb that is highly effective in boosting the prostate health. Consuming saw palmetto inhibits the production of this hormone and also avoids issues related to it, which are common in old and middle aged men.

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    Echinacea is one such herb that helps boost the natural immune system along with the nervous system. New studies also suggest that it can also help in boosting your athletic endurance and also increases the bodies EPO levels which regulate the red blood cell production.

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