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5 health hazards of using earphones

Technology is progressing by time every day, leaving one and all spellbound in the comfort and luxury it offers. Earphones and headphones are one such technology that have some hidden bad effects too.

Mind Body By Suhail Sattar / Dec 01, 2015

Hearing complication and hear loss

On wearing earphone with volume over and above 90 decibels, you could result in having a hearing complication or even hear loss. On listening to more than 100 decibels for over 15 minutes, you could have hear loss.

Infection in ear

In case your headphones are a public property and are used by one and all, there are high chances of you having an ear infection. It happens because, bacteria from ears of different people effortlessly travels through headphones. So next time you use it, ensure sanitizing it.

Air blockage

Now days, there are earphones that deliver excellent audio experience, but with great experience comes health risk too. Earphones are build to insert in the ear canal that blocks the air passage which could result in higher ear infection risk.

Numbs the ear

Some new studies suggest that people who use earphones quiet often and are prone to loud music can leave there ear numb. Although the numbness comes back to be normal, but this numbness on a long run can be dangerous and also cause deafness.

Negative effects on brain

Earphones these days produce some electromagnetic waves that can be dangerous for your brain. Although, there are no medical evidences that have proved the theory, but daily users of Bluetooth and earphones have been found to have some or other sort of brain related problems.
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