5 Habits of Fitness Junkies

May 07, 2018

  • 1

    Can’t live without exercise!

    Fitness is their way of life and the gym their first home. To fitness junkies, it is only exercise that enhances their mind as much as it pumps the body. Nothing matters to them – every day is a training day! Their days are scheduled around workout.

  • 2

    The idea is fitness

    Number on the weighing scale is irrelevant to fitness fanatics. In fact, they never stand on the machine and keep a record of it. How they look and feel is what matters to fitness freaks. They do athletic activities to feel better about themselves, a reason they are always flexing infront the mirror.

  • 3

    Go outdoors when the gym is shut

    There is no off day for fitness freaks! They take their workout outdoors. You’ll see them on the bike or run through your neighbourhood. No matter what day it is, they will go ahead and break a sweat.

  • 4

    Music to crank it up

    Music is used to exercise longer, more vigorously and to keep away distractions. They step out of their house with headphones on to get the adrenaline surge to push themselves hard.

  • 5

    It gets better with a CHANGE in workout regime

    Sticking to a workout or diet plan is difficult and often not productive. Fitness freaks never stick to a workout or diet. They are always up for a challenge, make changes and try a variety of things.

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