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5 Cocoa butter benefits that you did not know about

Also known as theobroma oil, Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans. Harvested in Central and South America, cocoa beans are used to make cocoa butter, which is the most popular ingredient in almost every beauty product.

Fashion & Beauty By Namrata Dutta / Mar 21, 2016

Heals dry skin

Cocoa butter is perfect skin moisturizer and it does not only hydrate the skin but helps the skin to get healed from within. It is a great source of antioxidants; cocoa butter can repair the dry, flaky and cracked skin.

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Best for lips

It can heal chapped and dry peeling lips. You can add it in your homemade lip balms as an ingredient along with other essential oils.

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Protects against sign of aging

According to studies, Cocoa butter has mass polyphenols that inhibits signs of aging. It tones, improves elasticity and hydrates skin that in turn slows down the sign of aging.

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It can ease rashes, infections and burns

If you apply a small amount of pure cocoa butter on affected area, it can heal it. However, only pure form of cocoa butter can heal rashes, infections and burns because the ad form of cocoa butter might have alcohol, fragrances in it that can worsen up the inflammation.

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Heals mouth sores

If you are likely to have painful blisters or sores, cocoa butter can help you ease the problem.

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