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5 Bollywood movies that will motivate you to exercise

It is a fact that people who are lazy generally abandon working out within two-to-three minutes and most of us would want six pack abs. Here are some movies that can inspire you to hit the gym.

Exercise & Fitness By Suhail Sattar / Oct 20, 2015

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

This is one movie that definitely should be on the list. The movie revolves around a determined athlete and also captures his extreme workout regime. With positive endurance, patience and determination, it took 13 months for Farhan Akhtar to get that athletic physique.

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One actor who managed to set a great trend in Bollywood is Amir Khan. It sure is surprising how he trained his body to achieve those eight pack abs. To achieve that beefed up look, Amir Khan worked out one year non-stop until he portrayed as Sanjay Singhania for the movie.

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Mary Kom

Based on the life of a fighter, Mary kom is one such movie that can surely excite you. It is a story of a determined lady who crossed hurdles to prove her mettle. This movie takes inspiration form a real life Olympic gold medalist which is played by Priyanka Chopra. The actor had to endure a grueling 45 day training regime that required her to look ripped and muscular aesthetically.

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This movie is an action romance film about a cop working with the Narcotics Control Bureau, ACP Yashvardhan that is played by John Abraham who cracks down the distraught narcotic don Vishnu (Vidyut Jammawal). This movie shows the muscle flexing of both the Geek Gods that will make you over look everything else.

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This movie revolves around familial conflict, redemption and forgiveness – all set against a sports backdrop. Staring Akshay Kumar as (David) and Sidharth Malhotra as (Monty), the movie is subjected to too much exposition on the brutal sport of mixed martial arts fighting in the lead to a big championship.

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