5 Bizarre ingredients you didn’t know were being put in your food

Dec 08, 2015

  • 1

    Anal gland of beaver in ice creams and candies

    Castoreum is essentially a yellow secretion of the castor sac that is derived from beaver. Shockingly, this ingredient is approved by the FDA. So, all the candies and your favorite flavored ice creams come with anal and urine secretions of a beaver.

  • 2

    The red coloring agent used in food comes from Bugs

    Food coloring agents that give your candies, drinks and ice creams a vivid red color is known as carmine. It is derived by boiling shells of female red bug dye called cochineal in sodium carbonate solution or ammonia.

  • 3

    Sugar is made of bone dust

    Sugar beet and sugar cane are the two key ingredients that are used to make sugar, but to get that fine white color, many manufacturers use bone char of cattle as a whitening agent.

  • 4

    Your chewing gum has sheep secretion

    Lanolin is an oily substance obtained from the wool of sheep. Sheep sweat is the same ingredient that can be found in the gum. It is also a very important constituent found in vitamin D3 supplements.

  • 5

    The bread comes with human hair

    Amino acids are essentially very important for good health, but did you know that l-cysteine is an amino acid that can be used in bread to give it a longer shelf life.

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