5 Amazing Superhuman Things your Body Can Do

Jul 06, 2018

  • 1

    Power of Hulk

    Hulk has nearly limitless power! Like the superhero ‘Hulk’, your body has the super strength of which you are not aware. You can get this sort of super-strength for a very time when you are under extreme stress.


  • 2

    Daredevil eyes

    If you have seen Marvel’s Daredevil, you know how the blind protagonist overcomes his disability with sonar-like sense of hearing. This is a real thing! You can actually be good at picturing the world around you by plasticising your hearing abilities. With close attention to the sounds around, you can know what’s on all your sides without having to look at them first.


  • 3

    Memory of a computer

    You can make your brain work like a computer by expanding its processing time and tapping on its storage ability. You have the ability to store everything that you've ever seen, heard or experienced, in your mind. It is termed as photographic memory or an ability to recall images, sounds or objects.


  • 4

    Bullet time

    Superhuman bullet-dodging reflexes from the Matrix films, is quite talked about. “Bullet time" is real! With practice and training, you can master what is also called the big freeze or dead time.


  • 5

    Weather prediction

    You can speculate a drop or rise in temperature with the help of your joints. A study at the Tufts University found that for every 10 degrees drop in the temperature, you experience osteoarthritic knee pain.