4 Neat make up tips for girls with glasses

Aug 18, 2015

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    Glasses can make things real tough

    If you have been wearing glasses since school, you mostly were subjected to schoolyard teasing and taunting. Today, tables have turned and glasses are now considered a must-have accessory. But as chic as they may be, it isn’t easy to apply makeup for women (like us) who wear glasses. And so, many-a-times we tend to neglect doing our makeup because nobody’s really going to notice our winged –eye liner behind our tortoiseshell frames, right? Wrong! It is important for women who wear glasses to at least put on mascara and liner. And that’s not just it– we have brought to you four neat makeup tips for girls with glasses.

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    Focus on the lashes

    It is important to play up your lash line because that’s what people see first. Before applying your favourite mascara, curl your lashes using a lash curler. The mascara that you use should be waterproof to steer clear of any smudging. Also, women who wear glasses should choose a volumnising mascara instead of a curling one because long, curled-up lashes tend to hit your glasses.

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    Tailor your liner to your frames

    While wearing eyeliner, consider the shape of your glasses. It is a major bugger if your frame covers the perfect cat eye wing that you spent so much time drawing.  Also be careful of the lenses–some lenses are magnifying, which may make your makeup and mistakes even more visible. Go for thick eyeliner if you wear thicker frames and draw only a sleek line if your frame is rimless.

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    Be bold with your glasses, not your eye makeup

    It is always a better idea to let your glasses talk instead of your makeup. You already have a lot going on when you’re wearing glasses, and so a simple makeup is what you need. Stay away from strong eye shadow colours and shimmers and wear neutral tones. Coordinate your light eye makeup with bold and beautiful coloured frames.

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    Bust out your brightest lipstick colour

    If you’ve put mascara on along with a statement frame, you don’t even need anything else other than a colour on your pout that matches your mood. Wear the boldest colour you have to add serious weight to your lips and overall look. Bold lip colours also tend to take away attention from the geeky frames you might be wearing.

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